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About us

We are a multinational team fluent in several languages (including Mandarin) with more than 20 years of experience doing international trade and doing business in China in several industries and positions. We understand that culture plays a part in the process, and negotiation varies from country to country. So the experience in several positions allowed our team to become sensitive to culture (and message) interpretation and by working in several industries allowed us to better assess the particularities of each category of products.

We are working as facilitators in order to provide the best product solution by reducing our customers’ overall costs while optimizing their returns. Our focus on long term partnerships allows us to offer exclusivity agreements for the benefit of the customers.

If you are interested in international sourcing or sales but do not know how or want to reduce the risks, please drop us an inquiry. We work mainly with the Chinese market and we may use our experience for projects in other countries (such as India and Turkey).


  • Sourcing and selection
  • Price negotiation and sample orders
  • Factory audits
  • Order supervision
  • Quality inspections
  • Logistics supervision
  • Post-sales follow up
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Market sourcing
  • Customer audit
  • Prospects follow up
  • Sales consultancy
  • Negotiation and interpretation
  • Company and product presentations
  • Market studies
  • Business negotiation
  • Cultural insights
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Trip planning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by long term partnership?

We like to be considered a Purchasing Department outside the company. We start the project with you, and that means that we get involved from the sourcing phase to the repeated orders phase. As such we have time to understand your requirements, and keep making continuous sourcing to provide the most suitable solution not only at a given time, but along the way.


What does the exclusivity mean?

It means that if we cooperate with you for your products and market, we won’t offer the same services to your competitors. That will allow a more cooperative environment.


How can you make costs lower?

By reducing inefficiencies along the process and by eliminating critical defects from its source. The direct savings include the elimination of critical defects by doing inspection before shipment; the indirect costs savings include the time spent explaining requirements (and the problems of communication), the cost of international trips, the information tracking (such as order negotiation), etc.


What’s the initial investment we are talking about?

There are several criteria to make it effective to import from countries such as China. We may customize our offers to better suit your needs, so in order to have a better idea about what is needed, you may send us an inquiry at


What results can I expect from using your services?

A better understanding of the market, of its trends, and a product matching your needs. In addition, the control in loco over your products which will allow eliminating any critical issues you may have before you receive them. To sum up, we want to collaborate in reducing your costs and increasing your sales.


How involved should I be in the process?

We are specialists about international trade and China. This means that you need to support us about your product requirements, quality standards and other requirements you may have. We mainly implement what you instruct us to do, so we need those guidelines.


What countries do you work with?

We work mainly with China, because it is currently the largest sourcing market in the world. However, our experience in international trade has allowed us to develop projects in other countries, with positive results. Our goal is to offer options in several markets.

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